All companies are driving towards one goal: maximizing profits. Regardless of size or scale, they must juggle competing priorities like maintaining current products, investing in next-generation products, and navigating changing fiscal environments to reach this goal. However, each of these demands can spread a firm's resources thin, resulting in delayed timelines, less effective processes, lower quality products and uncertain profits.

Our advisory service offering To help our clients increase their profitability, IBeON INFOTECH Pvt Ltd offers advisory services that identify high-value optimization opportunities, address critical challenges, and transform product operations. Our advisory services offering takes a "business transformation" approach as opposed to a "business process re-engineering" or "downsizing" approach. In other words, we do not simply focus on lowering a client's costs; we optimize a client's business and technology in order to reallocate talent and management bandwidth to higher-value activities. To this end, we collaborate directly with our clients' r&d organizations to effectively improve processes, technologies and overall product quality.

Our advisory service focus areas are as follows:


Location portfolio strategy

Captive transformation

Product architecture

Product delivery / deployment

Distributed agile development

Test transformation